Online Booking System for Singers

The best Online Booking Software for Singers to take more bookings online using our Singers Online Booking Software. Even if you don't have a Singer internet site you will still be able to use "My Booking Manager" and appear remarkably professional to your prospects!

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Online Booking System for Singers

Online Booking System for Singers
Online Booking System for Singers
    • If you have a Singer site then you can install our "ASTONISHING" contact form into your own website it is ultra-easy to do and we can also help you if required?) Once you install the custom contact request form, then "Depending on the Booking software for Singers package option you choose" Your site can begin to market your Singer services for you 24-hr a day - 7 days a week
    • The Singer Online Booking Software "Depending on your the package option you choose" also has the choice to let customers make a reservation directly from your website, using our Online Singer Booking System. Deposits or full payment can be taken at the time of reservation with PayPal or Stripe Card Payments.
    • My Booking Manager can automatically follow up on your client's inquiry. If the customer does not reserve? Then My Booking Manager will chase up the customer the following year, to see if they are thinking about Singer this year? If the customer did make a reservation, then My Booking Manager automatically sends out a reminder email at a predefined date the following year. Our software also sends out a Thank You email after the event and if required will send out a reminder email the following year to see if the client would like to book again! All FULLY or SEMI-AUTOMATICALLY!!!
    • My Booking Manager will create PDF Singer Contracts and Invoices to email to your clients and any employees you may have.

There are far too many features inside "My Booking Manager" to display here and they are growing all the time. Click HERE to see a more detailed list of wonderful features that the Online Booking Software can do to help you spend more time earning MONEY by gaining more work and less time on the tiresome part of running a business concern.

My Booking Manager is the perfect Online Booking System For Singers and is really simple to use and we have lot's of step by step education videos to show you how to use the software, but we understand that some people are very afraid when it comes to technology. With this in mind and because we want you to get the full benefit of Online Booking Software we can provide FREE online or telephone assistant. This means we can provide a One to One helping hand to be sure you are comfortable with all that our software has to offer.

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