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Below is a list of features currently installed on our booking system

New features are being added all the time. If you are looking for a particular feature, then please drop us a line and we will consider adding it to our future updates.

online booking software
Let your customers book you 24/7 from your website. Your customers can see your availability 24/7, see the services you offer & prices. Customers can book a date, start time and a package/service. The system blocks out all current bookings from the booking form and also blocks out travel time between current bookings and adds on setup & pack-away times, so you can never get double booked.
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Online Payments
Online payments
Let your customers pay for both Deposits and full payments via card or PayPal, either when making a booking from your website, or via a payment link in an email. Our system allows you to use Stripe / Authorize.Net & 2Checkout. Letting customers pay online makes you look more professional and these payment options are included in your account and are quick and easy to setup.
smart custom contact forms
Create smart contact forms and add them directly into your website. Once a customer completes one of your contact forms, they can automatically be added into your marketing campaign, sending followup emails to close the deal. Not only that after clicking submit, but the customer can also be taken to a personalised thank you page which contains information about what they are looking for, with CALLS TO ACTION to make a booking. On checkout, information input into the contact form is carried through to the booking page, saving your customer time.
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show your services online
Automatically display the services you offer on your website, every time a new service is created it is automatically added to your website. The services feature adds an image, description, price and Enquire Now button. This feature is great for those users who don't want customers to be able to book them without first finding a little more about the client's requirements.
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Online booking confirmations
When a booking is created, your clients will automatically be sent a contract containing details of the booking along with your terms and conditions. All the client has to do is digitally sign the contract with their finger or mouse and click submit, both yourself and the client receives an email notification containing the signed PDF contract. The signed contract is also saved in your ADMIN account as a PDF document should it be ever needed in the future.
Digital contracts and invoices
Digital contracts and invoices
Create professional contracts and invoices with the click of a button. As soon as a booking is created either from the front end booking system of your website or manually via your Admin account. A professional-looking PDF invoice - Contract is created and emailed to both your client and employee (If you have them). When creating a manual booking you can select from different invoice templates to send depending on the type of service, or client.
Email marketing software
Engage your audience with email marketing. My Booking Manager comes with automated email marketing installed. As soon as a client completes a contact form on your website, they can (IF YOU WISH) be automatically signed up to any number of custom targeted marketing campaigns to help you quickly close the deal. Not only that. When the clients makes a booking, they are automatically removed from your sales campaign, and signed up to a book again email which can be sent out at a set date the following year. It is like having your personal sales team.
Facebook Messenger Bot
Facebook Messenger BOT
Add a Facebook Messenger BOT to your website. The bot can chat with customers 24/7 answering any questions they may have, directing them to your quote, or booking page, even play videos Over time the bot will be able to answer every question your clients will ask, making your customers think they are speaking directly to you. An example of the bot can be seen on this page.
Milage calculator
Milage calculator
The Milage calculator installed in the system has two functions. Firstly you can find out how many miles you or an employee has done in a day, week, month year. This is a very handy tool when filing your tax returns. The second function is it allows you to add a milage fee to bookings in set areas. You just set your price and select the areas and every time a booking is created for those areas, the mileage fee is automatically added and is rounded to the nearest £5 so you are never messing about with change.
Sales calculator
Sales calculator
We have also added a sales calculator which works the same as the mileage calculator. Just select yourself, or an employee, then s=choose between two dates and click Go. The system quickly tells you how much that person has earned, along with Tax and discounts. Quick and simple, saving you hours of admin work.
Jobs for today
All your jobs for the following week are displayed in date order within your Admin dashboard. Just click on any of the jobs to print off an A4 document showing all the information relating to the booking. (Address / Time / Booking Details / Amount Due / Clients contact details and so on. This is a handy tool for people in areas with poor or no mobile internet.
Sync with Google & iCal calendars
As soon as a booking is added to your account, it can automatically be synced with Google Calendar or iCal, so all the booking information is stored on your phone calendar. Any updates made to the booking are also automatically updated onto your digital calendar.
DKIM added to all outgoing emails
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows senders to associate a domain name with an email message, thus vouching for its authenticity. This helps to stop your emails to clients ending up in the SPAM folder. Your account comes with the option to set up DKIM authentication included. This is just another useful feature to make sure you stand out from your competition.
Manage Employees / Franchisees
You can easily see the availability of your employees or franchisees. The system allows you to create accounts within your own account if you employ staff, so they can log in and update their availability. Or if you are a Master Franchisee then franchises can have their own user account and sync with your Master account, allowing the individual franchisee to run their own business, but also allow the Master franchisee to take bookings on behave of each franchisee seamlessly.
areas we cover
Select the areas you wish to work in
You can select the areas you wish to work in and block out the ones you don't, you can even charge mileage costs for certain areas or distances from your base location. In the UK the system works on Post Codes, so you can select specific postcodes for you, or your employees/franchisees to work in and each postcode can be selected to have a milage fee attached to it. Each employee/franchisee can have their own areas to work in. For countries outside of the UK then you set a distance in miles from your base address to work in.
Training manuals
Training manuals
If you employ staff, then we have provided a feature which allows you to upload PDF training manuals. This is a great way to make sure that all your staff no matter the distance between you and them, they can all stay up to date with your procedures. You can add categories to make it easy for your staff to locate specific training manuals.
New features added all the time
We are adding new features to My Booking Manager all the time and there is no additional cost for these added features. We send out a notification informing you about the new features we have added along with tuition videos of how to use them. We also welcome suggestions from our users of features they would like to see added. To see how My Booking Manager can save you time and earn you more, then just click the link below to request a behind the scenes tour.
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